Tyler O’Neill’s Redemption


In town one day and already Tyler O’Neill is creating havoc for police chief Juliette Tremblant. Oh, he’s not breaking laws, but that gorgeous face reminds her of what she’d rather forget. Such as the dreams her younger self pinned on him. She’s wiser now and knows that Tyler is an O’Neill through and through, which means she should keep her distance.

Still, with each encounter, his charm works its magic and Juliette starts to fall for him again. This time, however, it’s different…Tyler is different. And while she could ignore the man he used to be, this man—the one who’s doing good things for his family and this community—is far too irresistible.


Praise for Tyler O’Neill’s Redemption

All About Romance Desert Island Keeper! “Combines interesting, believable characters with a wholly character-driven plot and an immensely charming setting. I had a wonderful time reading Tyler O’Neill’s Redemption, and can’t recommend it highly enough.” –All About Romance

“Tyler is a sexy character any reader will love.” -RT Book Reviews

The Notorious O’Neills Series

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