The Scandal and Carter O’Neill

TheScandalandCarterONeillCarter O’Neill has risen above the reputation of his notorious family—thanks to hard work and distance. Now he’s this close to getting everything he wants. Then Zoe Madison interrupts his community meeting with the announcement she’s pregnant. In the media storm that follows, no one wants to hear that the baby isn’t his. As for believing he doesn’t even know her…forget about it! The only way to control this story is for Carter and Zoe to fake a relationship until the attention passes.

Thing is, Carter discovers he really does like Zoe. In a forever kind of way. Too bad she’s not as eager to share his public life. So he’ll simply have to convince her he’s worth the risk. This could be his toughest campaign yet!



Praise for The Scandal and Carter O’Neill

“The Scandal and Carter O’Neill was my favorite book of the series.” – Fresh Fiction

The Notorious O’Neills Series

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