Worth Fighting For

WorthFightingForThis is one reunion Jonah Closky wants no part of. If not for his mother’s wishes, he wouldn’t even be meeting his estranged father and brothers. The real surprise about being at this inn, however, is Daphne Larson, an outspoken organic farmer who gives as good as she gets. Most remarkable of all, the smart, sassy single mother is making him yearn for things he doesn’t even know he needs.

But taking their relationship further means coming to terms with his complicated feelings toward these men—his father and brothers. It means forgiving the past so he can build a future with Daphne…and finally have the family he’s always wanted.


Praise for Worth Fighting For

“Readers will enjoy the latest Mitchell of Riverview Inn contemporary romance (see BABY MAKES THREE).” — Harriet Klausner

“A must read, WORTH FIGHTING FOR is the sexy conclusion to Molly OíKeefeís The Mitchells of Riverview Inn series. Award winning author Molly OíKeefe revisits the Mitchells of Riverview with a dramatic plot and powerful characters in WORTH FIGHTING FOR; an excellent summation to this exciting series. Readers will melt for the mysterious missing Mitchell brother and rejoice when he meets and falls for lovely sunny Daphne, who we met in previous books. I guarantee that readers will love WORTH FIGHTING FOR by creative Molly OíKeefe with plenty of hunks, plenty of plot and plenty of romance!” — CataRomance.com

“There is a lot happening in this story, and O’Keefe does a great job with all of the dynamics. She created a touching, strong finish to the series, which I enjoyed very much. This story was eventful, and touching, and the ending was bittersweet. This was a good series to read!” — Micaela, eHarlequin forums

“Molly O’Keefe takes a favorite premise and molds it with lots of humor and emotion into a story that will leave you with tears in your eyes and a warm feeling in your heart.” — CJ Carmichael, eHarlequin forums

“I came to like both Daphne and Jonah. I especially appreciated some of the smaller touches used to illustrate their characters, including Jonah’s asthma. I also liked the fact that most of the characters were complex, neither good nor bad, but varying shades of grey. As a long-time fan of girl sleuths, I also enjoyed the touch of the little girls – Daphne’s daughter and her friend – spying on Jonah. nearly one week after finishing, Daphne and Jonah are still vivid to me.” — LinnieGayl Kimmel, All About Romance

“Molly O’Keefe’s Worth Fighting For (4) is a gratifying tale about love between two very different characters. ” — Alexandra Kay, RT BookClub

The Mitchells of Riverview Inn Series

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